Unlike Prince Edward County’s infamous rum runners of old, we require that our wine is purchased by persons 19 years of age or older. Sorry, we are unable to deliver outside of Ontario.

Once we receive your order, we will contact you about payment, delivery details and shipping charges. We do many free home deliveries if you are close to our Ottawa-Toronto route. If you have specific contact instructions, please include them in the comments section. Cheers!

***Please note: This list is currently NOT accurate & some of these wines are sold out. Please email info@bccwinery.com to request current availabilities.***

2013 Riesling $21
2014 Riesling $21
2012 Chardonnay $24
2014 White Horse $23
2014 Gewürztraminer $23
2015 Muscat $26
2015 PTO (Power Take-Off) $24
2015 Rosessence $24

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